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X Rapid Technologies, an expert silicone prototyping company, offers a vacuum casting service that is high in efficiency, accuracy, and consistency.

What is Vacuum Casting and how does it work?

X Rapid Technologies is the best silicone molding company that develops high-quality silicone prototyping parts out of vacuum casting to provide accurate part replicas and consistent mechanical properties.

Nowadays, silicone molding company are offering high-quality silicone prototyping parts out of vacuum casting to provide accurate replicas of different models. Silicone prototyping is the silicone mold best from the product prototype using vacuum casting to produce the same replica. Vacuum casting uses similar materials such as ABS, PU, transparent PU to make the same parts in the vacuum environment. Silicone prototyping parts using vacuum casting can produce the same strength and hardness as mass production products and with the same colors as well. X Rapid Technologies is the top silicone molding company that offers various high-quality silicone prototyping parts with vacuum casting.

What Is Vacuum Casting?

It is a casting process that uses a vacuum to extract liquid materials and turn them into mold. Usually, if the air entrapment is having a problem with the mold, then this method is used. Also, if there are any intricate details and undercuts on the mold, you can use this method to fix it. Silicone molding company use rapid prototyping where the plastic sheets are preheated. This is why it's often called thermoforming. The preheated materials get dropped in an automated vacuum casting machine to make them soft and pliable.

How does a silicone molding company use vacuum casting to make silicone prototyping parts?

Silicon molding company follow the following steps to make silicone prototyping parts or rubber parts:

Step 1) Making master designs:

First, you need to create a master model of your CAD designs. The master will be a 3D model made by CNC machining or with 3D Printing. After that, the next move is to make a silicone mold of the model.

Step 2) Make the mold:

In this step, Casting molds are made from liquid silicone. Here, casting boxes are half-filled with silicone, and then the box gets heated up until the silicone is completely cured. Leave the cure inside an oven for 16 hours. Take it out and let it dry. After that, cut the mod in half and remove the master.

Step 3) Make the parts:

Lastly, pour the casting resins into the empty cavity and make an accurate replica of the master model. You can create more than 20 replicas with ease.

Why choose Vacuum Casting?

Silicon prototyping parts are much better in quality compared to injection-molded components. That's why vacuum casted models are perfect for testing and marketing purposes or to decide upon the final product.

The best silicone molding company helps to

create more innovative designs with fine details.

What are the applications of vacuum casting?

Silicone molding company produces and sells high-quality silicone prototyping parts to various industries. Such as

1)Consumer product manufacturers use vacuum casting to produce pens, sunglasses, and other sanitary products. Some cosmetic packages, hairbrushes, and combs are also made using this process.

2)Food and beverage industries also use this process to make food packages, bottles, food containers, cans, mugs, cutleries, and glasses.

3)Electronic industry uses silicone prototyping parts to make different electronic devices and their outer parts.

Which silicone molding company should you choose?

X Rapid Technologies has the best silicone prototyping technicians who carefully control the full process, from mixing, de-bubbling, stirring, preheating, injection to the solidification of the PU resin and rubber. That's why we are the best silicone molding company that guarantees minimal shrinkage and fine details.

Based on the silicone mold made from a product prototype, vacuum casting produces the same parts in the vacuum environment using materials similar to ABS, PU, transparent PU, and so on. The parts possess exactly the same strength and hardness as mass production products, even with the colors as required.

Our silicone prototyping technicians carefully control all operational parameters: from mixing, de-bubbling, stirring, preheating, injection, to the solidification of the PU resin and rubber, thus guaranteeing minimal shrinkage and fine details. At X Rapid Technologies, silicone prototyping parts made by vacuum casting show accurate part replication and consistent mechanical properties.

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High Efficiency

15 - 20 parts can be produced by one silicone mold, which shortens the lead time.


Most silicone prototyping parts can be formed integrally in one piece with good strength.

Varied Materials

Besides manufacturing different plastic parts, vacuum casting can also make soft rubber silicone prototyping parts.

Material Options

Domestic PU, imported PU, transparent PU, soft PU, POM, ABS, PP, PC, and heat-resistant ABS

Highest Tolerances